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I want to encourage everyone to make an effort to help change our world and to know that we do make a difference by our actions. If you choose to participate in Pay It Forward and you have a wonderful experience that you would like to share, e-mail it to me and I will put it on my website. Procedure DO a kind act for three people and ask each of them to do a kind act for three more people. Instead of doing a “Pay Back” to you, they “Pay Forward” by sending the gift on to someone else. This increases exponentially the magic of kindness. The gift can be spiritual, mental, emotional, physical or financial, whatever is appropriate. This is magic in action. As you participate, you will feel an emotion of excitement and joy. If every four months you start a new circle of three gifts and Pay It Forward, you will continue the chain of love. The movie Pay It Forward is on DVD. It is actually a true story where the author received the wisdom from the universe and wrote the story accurately.. Archangel Raphiel wanted to try an experiment and see if this technique would help raise the consciousness of mankind in the Fourth Golden Age. He sent an cherubim angel to create the story of the little boy who brought forth the idea when the teacher asked his students to change the world. Today when we have so much pain and suffering, we have the opportunity to help raise the vibrations of the world by praying for Peace, by living in Harmony with nature and by doing acts of Kindness. We Do Make A Difference Pass It Forward We live on the incredible sacred, beautiful Planet of Earth. As we breathe in joy, love and peace, our out breath is filled with this same wonderful energy. If we breathe in anxiety and frustration our out breath will be the same. I want to share with you a memory that still holds a place of excitement and joy in my heart. Six years ago I was returning from a visit to my sister in Prescott, Arizona. I stopped in a small town to have breakfast, and I over-heard the waitress, a young, pregnant lady, talking and crying on the phone. She said. “My car is in the garage. I have to pay $50 before I can get it. I don’t know what to do. I have to have my car to come to work!” I looked in my billfold and saw that I had a $50 dollar bill which I had planned to use for my gasoline. I placed the $50 by the plate and walked out. Before I reached the door, the waitress came running after me. She said “You made a mistake!” I smiled and said “It was not a mistake!” She burst into tears and said “I will pass it on!” As I drove away, I felt a sense of deep joy, knowing that it not only assisted her, but I knew she would “pass it on”. When the movie Pay It Forward came out, I saw the preview and it touched me deeply but somehow I never did see the movie until recently. In the movie, the teacher asks his students to change the world. A little boy came up with the idea to help three people and ask them to Pass It Forward. Each person then does a kindness for three people so the act of love continues. Wherever we live is a microcosm of the macrocosm: the sadness, the struggle, the pain, the suffering, the poverty. However, if we live from the Inside/Outside we have the potential of creating peace and joy. Unfortunately, we are not able to stop the war in Iraq, the killing, the inhumanity to man, but we can in our own world make a difference. The truth is we do make a difference, one way or the other by our thoughts and by our actions.. I see this as an opportunity to change our world by giving and knowing that the Receiver will become the Giver. This exponentially continues a chain of love that keeps manifesting and creating new energy. It can be a gift of kindness on many levels: emotionally mentally, physically, spiritually, financially. I know everyone does kind things to assist others. It is important to give without expectations, but we add another element to the giving when we say, “Pass It Forward!”. In Pass It Forward, there is an opportunity to continue the gift non ending as long as we actively participate. If every three months, each of us reached out to three people and asked that they Pass It Forward, we could and we would make a difference. For those who have not seen the movie, the library has a DVD. For those of you who saw the movie long ago, you might enjoy seeing it again. Lets do it! Lets Pass It Forward! Kiara 719-256-4810 P.O. Box 291, Crestone, Co 81131 Kiara@fairpoint.net All of the money received from Donations, the B & B, Workshops and Personal Sessions is used to create the Meditation areas. . © 2006 Kiara Pperkins / sitemap
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