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There are many special places in the world where one may go to find harmony or a sense of peace.  Often this is a Sacred Place where beauty touches the soul and helps one get in touch with the stillness and silence that lies within.  These are Sacred Places because they contain the true essence of what is important in life. One such place in the San Luis Valley in Colorado is a remote area called Crestone, once a gold mining town which has expanded into the Baca Grande, a small community, filled with alternative homes and people who honor the open space and wildlife.     Crestone/Baca, a high desert area approximately 8000 feet,  is nestled to the east of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains (Blood of Christ) which are 14,000 feet above sea level. The San Juan Mountains (St. John) lie to the west.  The Ute Indians called the San Luis Valley the Bloodless Valley because the land was too sacred to allow warfare or bloodshed. Crestone/Baca contains many spiritual sites: Carmelite Hermitage, Tibetan and Zen Centers Sri Aurobindo Learning Center, Ziggurat, Lindesfarne Temple, Haidakhanda Universal Ashram, and the three stupas. Nearby are the Sand Dunes and the Mineral Hot Springs.     This area  has many greenbelts which protect the land from being over built and allows space for the wildlife. The streams flow with running water all year and the deer roam free.  There are no malls or theaters.  The closest town, Alamosa, is 45 miles south. Salida is 50 miles north.  Larger cities are Denver, 200 miles; Colorado Springs, 125 miles; Taos 130 miles; Santa Fe 170 miles and Albuquerque 235 miles. One brochure says: "We've got plenty of nothing - nothing but clean air - nothing but space and the time to enjoy it - nothing but fabulous views."     I find it hard to describe the beauty of this area where the golden-red leaves of fall shimmer in the sunlight, where  the  mysterious mist of winter hides the snow-capped mountains, where the wildflowers of spring dance in the open fields and the summer allows the running streams to murmur in the quiet warmth of the day. 
Images of Harmony
Bryan De Flore’s Ancient Circles show the connection with Angelic Kingdoms, the Galactic, the Native America’s , Stonehenge and the Greacian circles
444 Doorway Connected to the Archangel 5 Pointed Star Connected to the Galactic Being Medicine Wheel Connected to the Native Americans