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Healing Techniques offered
PAMELA, RODNEY, AND KIARA $60.00 an Hour . 1. Ortho-Bionomy (Pamela), Reiki (Rodney), Cellular Transformation (Kiara) 2. Japanese Restoration Massage (Pamela), Reiki, (Rodney), and Kiara 3. Facial Massage (Pamela), Reiki (Rodney), Cellular Transformation (Kiara) 4. Energy Healing (Pamela), Therapeutic & Soft Tissue Release Massage (Rodney), Cellular Transformation (Kiara)   KIARA: Quantum Leap Energetically: A Cellular Transformation Technique that allows you to release old patterns of memories and beliefs that lower your vibrations which in turn affect you emotionally, psychologically and physically. Muscle Testing is used to communicate with the body on a sub-conscious level. Whole brained integrations are used where new information fills the space as you bring in the higher vibrations of Love, Joy and Peace. PAMELA: Japanese Restoration Massage: A gentle and effective massage that helps to restore the energy and blood flow throughout the body. Warm lotion is applied with strokes to relax the muscle and restore the Chi energy flow. PAMELA: Facial Massage: A Massage of the face, hands, and feet. The face is moisturized and a facial mask is applied and moisturized again. PAMELA: Ortho-Bionomy: A non force manipulation bodywork. It is based on the body's self-corrective mechanisms and natural inclination to balance. The process takes the body away from pain and allows it to achieve alignment and harmony. RODNEY: Reiki: One of the more widely known forms of energy healing. Energy Healing involves direct application of CHI for the purpose of strengthening the client's energy system (aura). RODNEY: Therapeutic and Soft Tissue Release Massage: An intuitive massage combining European and American techniques to assist the body in healing. The Taw Technique (also known as Soft Tissue Release) is a unique injury treatment technique to provide relief from pain using specific compression and precise extension   MASTER " Master, " I pleaded, " Speak and I will listen." " Listen," He responded, " And there will be no need for Me to speak." 719-256-4810 P.O. Box 291, Crestone, Co 81131 info@kiaraperkins.com **All of the money received from Donations, the B & B, Workshops and Personal Sessions is used to create the Meditation areas in the yard.
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