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Electronic Light Healing
Paul the Venetian, an Ascended Master from the Golden Ray, brought forth the design, the Electronic Heart through the artist, Bryan de Flores. Paul is known for working with those who are interested in love, knowledge, knowingness and healing and also those who are interested in art, music, and science. The Language of Light at the bottom of the design holds the encodements and communicates the information contained in the design. The eight circles represent power points in our body. The Eighth Circle, the Higher Self, the I Am Presence, reaches up and connects with the Great Central Sun, the Heart of the Cosmos. The Center Circle holds a special place of Light in the Heart, the Three Fold Flame of Love, Wisdom and Power. The circles depict a balance of the right and left brain, of the feminine and the masculine. The feminine holds the energy of forgiveness, compassion, intuition and magic. The masculine holds the energy of reason, mathematics, and science. The entire design shows there is no separation. Everything is connected and interconnected. Every belief and condition is changeable. With the help of Our I Am Presence, we can take the power out of the condition that no longer serves us. Since our thoughts are coded as energy imprints in our DNA, we may recreate past memories and beliefs by forming new beliefs in the form of electromagnetic impulses. By connecting with our Eighth Chakra, our Higher Self, our I Am Presence, we can ask our I Am Presence to command our lower consciousness to release any beliefs or emotions that no longer serve us. The I Am Presence will then take full control of our physical, etheric, mental and emotional bodies. When this happens, our thoughts, feelings and actions will reflect only Love, Harmony, Peace, Joy and Balance. When we release the belief in Separation and move into Forgiveness, we will find we have released all fear, judgment, anger, pain, grief, pride, sadness, greed and shame. By our Intention with the assistance of our I Am Presence we will have changed our emotions and beliefs on a deep cellular level. When this happens, our thoughts, feelings and actions will reflect only Love and Harmony. This is the technique used in Electronic Light Healing. Technique Connect with the LIGHT (electronic light is very high) Connect with your Higher Self and communicate your Intention. Release beliefs and emotions through forgiveness. Full empowerment: Intention accomplished. Preparation for the Healing Write down the one or two places in your body that cause you pain . (If you have any pain) Write the names of one or two people whom you feel have hurt you emotionally or physically in this lifetime or in any past lifetime. Presentations, Images and CD’s Prices to be arranged with Kiara, depending on the number in the group and the length of time Journey Into the Heart CD $15 Journey into the Mind CD $15 Complete Ascension Healing Technique teaches how to transmute cellular memory and upgrade thoughtforms in the cells. This includes Muscle Testing, Balances, Integrations, and Visualizations, which offer you the opportunity to work with others. This activation creates the removal of psychological, emotional and physical change. Two full day sessions may be arranged individually or in a group. $ Love Donation About Kiara Kiara is a spiritual name which means, “Bridge between Heaven and Earth.” She graduated from the University of Arizona and received her Masters of the Arts from Mount S. Mary’s College. After college, Kiara traveled to France, England, Italy, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico and Canada. She then became a Catholic and entered the order of the Sisters of St. Joseph where she remained for 20 years, fourteen as principal and seven as principal and Mother superior. While in the Convent, Kiara studied Canon Law at the University of San Francisco for three summers. After leaving the Convent, she taught Junior High School in Prescott, Arizona and became a member of Eckankar, the Religion of Light and Sound. After retiring from teaching, Kiara continued traveling in Egypt, Greece, Israel, Peru, Guatemala and the Yucatan. She moved to Crestone, Colorado where she built a 12 sided Cedar home and created a 32 foot diameter Cretan Labyrinth that is open to the public. She continued to expand places of meditation around her home. Two years ago she purchased the land on the other side of her home where she recently created a 38 foot diameter Star Wheel, an Archangel 444 Doorway and a 5 Pointed Star. She now has a Bed and Breakfast called I Am Harmony. “My life’s work is dedicated to assisting others in preparing themselves for the coming Golden Age as well as becoming aware of the sacredness of our planet, Earth.”
I Am Harmony  Golden Harmony