Bridging Heaven and Earth The Earth is a beautiful Magnetic Crystal, holding a very special place in the Universe. We are literally sandwitched between the Cosmic Energy of the galactic World where the Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, and Galactic Beings reside. Beneath us, one mile deep is Telos, the subterranean city where Immortal Beings now reside, holding the energy of Unconditional Love, Telos, being only one of the many subterranean cities. Going deep into the Center of the Earth is the Hollow Earth, the place of Christ Consciousness. Those of us who have chosen to be on the Earth at this time are bridges, bridges connecting the worlds beneath us and worlds above us. We are also literally connected energetically, emotionally, spiritually and with all of our surroundings. William Blake, poet and mystic said, "The Stars are above us, The Stars are below us. The heavens are above us. The heavens are below us. All that is above us is also below us." The ground everywhere is sacred. There are ley lines, grids and nodes that carry electromagnetic energies where the veil becomes thinner between the worlds. There are portals and vortexes of spinning energy. I first became aware of these Power points when John Randolph Scott asked the world to join in prayer at the same time. A study was made and they found the energy was intensified when many people prayed for peace at the same hour. The Harmonic Convergence brought about a huge change in consciousness which in turn affected the Earth. Patti Cotta Robles said that the Golden Grid activation took place on April 13, 2000 and since that time there has been a lot of different requests to pray for Peace which in turn has affected the energies of the Earth. All of us have been releasing energies that no longer serve us and we know that when we heal ourselves we heal the Earth. We literally are a bridge within ourselves, constantly crossing over to higher levels of vibration. We are a bridge from the physical to the non physical. I have a saying: "Today as I walk upon the Earth, I am aware that I walk on Sacred Ground and each step that I take is one of Love and respect." As we connect with the Beauty around us, the Mountain, the Stones, the Trees, the Flowers, the Wind, the Clouds we can raise our vibrations so that we can experience a new reality within ourselves. Nature in its perfection is a doorway that leads to a spiritual awareness of beauty and peace. In 1994, I experienced a Labyrinth Kay Torrez created in the desert in Arizona, 30 miles from Phoenix. Kay lived in Phoenix but she went to the Labyrinth on the weekends. She used a pendulum and measured the chakras of those who wished to participate. Then she tested them again after walking the Labyrinth. She was working in conjunction with Dr. Wayne London, a M,D. who believed the Cretan Labyrinth had a subtle energy that neither scientist or physicians recognized. It was the PHI (Golden Mean—at that time l.168 which Lisa Smith has now acknowledged has changed to its perfection of l.777. Dr. London felt in walking the labyrinth it would affect the body and heal certain diseases that were caused by a PHI deficiency. It was no accident that I was present at Kay's gathering. A man sitting next to me showed me pictures of himself. Sores were all over his head and face. He had Parkinson disease and after walking the Labyrinth it released the effects of the chemicals he had used to overcome his disease. He said he had to use a cane before. At this point his face was clear and he did not need a cane. I told my sister at that time. “I am going to build a Labyrinth where people can come and be healed. I moved to Crestone 2 years later and created the Labyrinth in 1997. A month after creating the Labyrinth I was working in the yard and a lady drove up in a truck. I went out to her car and she said “I have never believed in God. I walked the Labyrinth. Now I believe in God.” I realized then that all you have to do to resonate with the beautiful trees, stones and geometric designs was to look at them in a different way. If you look to the side in a soft way you will see their aura and will feel the love and energy coming to you. This will lift your vibration and you will feel a deep sense of Peace and Joy. Waking the Labyrinth is like fine-tuning a musical instrument. Each stone has a special vibration. It emits a tone and a color. The stones are touching one another and they join in creating a beautiful symphony. Connecting with Nature will ground you and bring you into the present moment. Actually being in the Now is a Portal in itself." To see the World in a grain of Sand And Heaven in a wildflower. To hold Infinity in the palm of your hand And Eternity in an Hour." Kiara top Awake or Asleep January 2008 Much of the world is tormented by sleeplessness while drugs endeavor to allow the mind to rest. The sleepless hours are filled with thoughts about the day’s happenings and experiences. It is frightening how many people require some form of drug to be able to sleep at night. Some need a drug to lessen the pain in the physical body. Some need the drug to quiet their mind. Millions of dollars are made meeting the needs of those who can not sleep. Drugs designed to help one sleep may numb the brain and allow a few hours of rest, an artificial attempt to control the scattered thoughts that weave a web of weariness. During a sleepless night dialogs are reviewed over and over again, trying to make things right, trying to erase unpleasant moments, trying to understand how the experiences could have gone in a different direction. Notice what thoughts are passing through your mind. Become aware of the ones that predominate. A recurring thought is in need of special recognition. Notice what you are feeling. This is important because it is the energy that feeds the thought. Move into your power and say, “Enough!” Clear your mind and think of something entirely different. We are enlightened beings unaware of the powers we hold within our hearts and minds. At night when we turn off the lights and go within, we struggle to maintain control by a continual flow of thoughts that will not allow us to get in touch with our Inner Self and move into a state of peace. What is the answer to this dilemma? How can we awaken the hidden wisdom within us? The answer is to truly be awake during the day, to walk in total awareness of the importance of each thought, each spoken word, each action. This requires training the mind to be quiet, to silence all thoughts or words that are negative. This will automatically release any potential of actions that would cause harm to oneself or others. It is difficult to maintain complete silence within but when you become conscious of your thoughts, you can be more attuned to what is happening inside. Walking in a posture of peace requires total awareness of your thoughts, feelings and actions. This is like climbing Mt. Everest, a true challenge that requires diligence and wakefulness. To be totally honest is to move from a place of denial to the painful acknowledgment of truth. How often do we criticize, complain, judge, gossip, condemn! Then at night we can not sleep because we are haunted by the experience of the day. When we walk in peace during the day, our nights allow us to move into a deeper part of our self. In our sleep we are awake to the mysteries of the night, to our Inner Self. We become in touch with greater truths and greater clarity. When the dawn appears, we welcome the day to walk in “wakefulness” and to be in touch with true Peace within. This is the state we wish to be in during the day and during the night. This place of stillness within has no thoughts, no judgments, no reactions and no opinions Close your eyes and listen to the music within you. Feel your vibrations change as you breathe deeply. You may hear drums, violins or flutes. This is the magic of your Mind. You may see colors that change in vibrancy: purple, blue, green, orange, gold, magenta, rosy pink, violet, indigo. Bathe your mind in this beauty and feel the peace and joy your cells experience. Another way to experience stillness may be to sit under a tree, walk barefoot in grass, touch the velvety petals of a rose. Each time you entertain yourself with a higher level of thinking, you gain more control of what happens in your brain. You will find yourself less often being distracted by thoughts that do not serve you. Your higher vibrations will maintain and not allow lower thoughts to exist. You then take back your power and move into a place of peace which holds the energy of joy and love. Then you will sleep at night and walk in the day in full wakefulness. You might ask yourself, “Have I ever experienced being in a state of mind when I had no thoughts at all?” This is a wonderful experience to have. The key is to find the divine within. It will change your relationship with everyone and everything. The way to see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil is to be in Grace. Listen to the music in your Mind and feel your Heart open, become aware of the surrounding beauty: the mountains, streams, flowers, snow, sunshine, sunsets, sunrises, deer, and creatures of the air. Feel yourself becoming one with nature and with all humankind. What mysteries exist within the Mind and Heart. What powers are contained within the Soul. The beauty of silence, the love of stillness. The simplicity of nothingness, the truth of emptiness. In Everything there is Nothin. In Nothing there is Everything. Kiara top Miracle of Love A True story A few years ago, Brigid, a sixteen year old girl came to I Am Harmony with her father, mother and uncle. Her uncle had suggested they come and meet me and have a session with Cellular Transformation. Brigid had had an unfortunate experience when she was very young, and her parents had bought her a horse to help her divert her attention. This was totally successful. She loved her horse with her whole heart. She was being home schooled, and she was a happy, successful teenager. Her horse was not very old, about eighteen when he died. Her parents bought her another horse, but she was broken hearted. She would not do her school work, and she could not love and accept the new horse because she felt she was betraying her beloved horse that had passed away. In our session, I realized how deep her love and how her heart was broken and filled with pain. She felt that life had betrayed her, and she could not trust to love again. In a visualization, I had her see her horse tied to a rail. His feet were shackled. He could not move. He struggled to be free, but he could not free himself. I asked her to hug him and tell him how deep her love was for him and how she missed him. In turn, she felt his love for her and knew he trusted her. She realized he was unable to free himself. She knew what she had to do was to untie him and let him go free. She untied the rope and looked into his eyes. She saw his gratitude and his love. Then he turned and ran across the field, frolicking in his freedom. Tears flooded her eyes, but I knew they were tears of joy. I asked her to visualize her new horse and to go to him and hug him and tell him she was sorry she had not accepted him as her friend. She hugged him and cried—again tears of joy because she knew he had forgiven her. In her thoughts, she climbed up on his back and rode across the field. The next morning, Brigid asked if it would be all right if she placed the ashes of her beloved horse somewhere in the Garden. I told her I would be honored. Later in the day, she told me she had chosen the place that said, ”I joyfully release the Past.” Today the ashes are still under this meditation stone. It holds the memory of the miracle of love that allowed Brigid to release her anger and pain and replace it with joy and love. The miracle of love healed not only Brigid, but both of her horses. Kiara top Ascension! Choice! Quantum Leap! We have been talking about Ascension for a long time, and there have been many different perspectives. Some have seen it as an escape from th e 3rd dimension. Some have seen it as the Golden Age Arrived. There have also been many Starseeds who have decided it is not going to happen after all. Slowly they have allowed their dreams to fade into oblivion. I recall a woman I knew in Prescott who worked in a metaphysical store and lived in a small apartment. She gave up her apartment and everything she owned. She gave up her job and called her two sons and told them that she was Ascending. She went up on the mountain and waited. Nothing happened. She found herself homeless and jobless. This is a perfect example of expecting something outside of oneself to bring about a desired change in one's life. In the past, we tended to equate struggle with opportunity. If it were hard, so much the better because we had more to gain. Now we understand struggle is not necessary. In fact it is counter-productive because we place ourselves in a negative vibration to star with. The truth is that you can change in the twinkling of an eye. I remember being in a group where Vywamus was being channeled. He asked each person to say what Ascension meant. Their responses were very similar: abundance, happiness, peace, health, freedom. All of these answers were focused on duality. Health vs. Sickness, Poverty vs. Abundance, Peace vs. War, Happiness vs. Sadness. When we think of the Golden Age, we think of Love, Peace, Joy, and Immortality. Again these are characteristics that are incredibly wonderful. They will not be the Cause, however, of our Ascension. They will be some of the results. We have proof of large numbers of people in the subterranean cities who have already achieved Unconditional Love and Immortality. It has already been accomplished. We are designated to again move into the higher vibrations of Ascension. It is no accident any of us are on the Planet Earth at this time. We do not have the full capacity to Remember all of the details of our Choice to be here, but the Choice was made and it is encoded in the cells of our body. The first step in Ascension is to AWAKEN ( not just Believe but to Know). Then we Arise by going within where we let go of everything that no longer serves us. It is then that our Ascension begins. Everything is Energy. Everything is Vibration. When our vibrations are high enough, our physical body will disappear and be replaced by our Light Body. We won' t change anything by wishing it away. We do, however, have the tools within ourselves to shift our consciousness to release that which needs to be released. It does require Honesty, Courage and Willingness to Change. When our vibrations are high enough, illness can not exist; neither can any of the lower emotions: Guilt, Fear, Grief or Anger. Quantum Physics proves that when there is a 51% change in vibration it will absorb the 49%. The more awakened humanity is by 2012, the more powerful will the movement of Mass Enlightenment be. Observe yourself. How do you respond to what happens in your life? Are you angry? Are you resentful? Are you impatient? Are you fearful? When someone finds fault with you, are you defensive? Do you live in the NOW fully? The past brings regret and future brings anxiety. There will be a time when the past and the future will merge into the Present. In truth, we are ascending or we are descending every moment of the day. What we think, what we say, what we do, what we eat, what we drink either lowers or raises our vibration. When our vibrations are high enough we move from physical to non physical reality. We have come to assist Planet Earth in her evolution in order to do this we need to evolve ourselves. If we move beyond limitation, we can then assist the Planet and the Galaxy as well. I believe we are multi-dimensional beings, encoded in the cells of our bodies is the truth of another Reality, different from the duality we are now experiencing. The word Ascension means Rise Above. The consciousness of Ascension is total joy, total unconditional love and full recognition that there is not separation. All are one. Ascension. Choice. Quantum Leap. These words are inter-related on a deep level of our consciousness. Literally making a Choice to move into higher vibrations offers the potential of a quantum leap into other Realities. top A Metaphor of Ascension The Da Vinci Code, a book by Dan Brown is filled with incredible surprises. Each page reveals new information which is decoded by the use of imagination and astute observation. Drawing on past experience and an uncanny alertness, the characters persevere under the most challenging situations. Their search for the Grail motivates them to run the gamut of extreme danger. Their intense determination to succeed does not allow them to consider giving up their quest. Their past knowledge and experience plays a large part in their success while the present moment allows them to put their energy and focus on the information at hand. This mystery which has remained hidden from mankind reveals itself through the subtle disclosure of the plot as it unfolds, like a Rose, one petal at a time. The Da Vinci Code is a metaphor for the Process of Ascension. We have been talking about Ascending for years. Some have seen it as an Escape from the rd dimension. Some have seen it as a specific goal: Abundance or Perfect Happiness. There have also been many Starseeds who have decided it isn't going to happen after all. Slowly they have allowed their dreams to fade into oblivion. In The Da Vinci Code, the answer to the puzzle lies concealed, literally buried. It requires wisdom, perseverance and alertness to unmask the mystery. Had it been lying visibly on the Earth, it would have been disregarded as having no value. On the contrary, each clue revealed another step. This required patience and persistence. It is through our belief in illusion that we have created Time and Space as well as limitation in all areas of our life. Perhaps the greatest limitation is our belief in death. Shakespeare said, "Oh, Death, where is thy sting?" How often do we see a dying man or woman cling to life no matter how great the pain? Is it not Fear of the Unknown? They say the three things that cause the greatest stress in life are Divorce, Moving and Death. Each is a death in itself. It is a transition that requires a fresh approach, a different point of view. Clues to Ascension surround us in our music, art, literature and poetry just as it did in the Renaissance period, the time of Beethoven, Mozart and Leonardo Da Vinci. In the past, we have equated struggle with opportunity. If it were hard, so much the better because we felt we had more to gain. The Truth is Change can take place in the twinkling of an Eye. Again this is shown in the Da Vinci Code . The clues presented open a new awareness, an opportunity to grasp another level of understanding. The Awakening may be sudden or it may unfold like the flower, one petal at a time. The leap in consciousness is an Expansion, an increased vibrational frequency that offers the opportunity to explore new alternatives: Instant travel! Instant thought! Instant manifestation. Imagine yourself communicating telepathically with a dead relative or a friend in New York. Imagine yourself soaring through the air like Superman, brushing against the clouds and the stars. Imagine yourself walking though walls in your home like an open door. Imagine yourself painting a sunset in the sky, bringing in new colors that never existed before. Imagine yourself being in New Jersey at a meeting and at the same time being with a friend in California. We live in exciting times where Truth is being brought to our awareness. In The Da Vinci Code the feminine power of the Chalice is represented in the Star of David. This is part of our Awakening. We have been putting a focus on clearing our negativity and beliefs in limitation. This is important. However, it is time to fill this space with new information and empowerment. It truly is our Choice. It has been said that all paths lead to the same destination. It can take a moment or it can take many lifetimes. The energies are intense. They are literally kicking us in the rear to help us redirect our Intention. Neo says in the Matrix when confronted by his opponent ," Why do you persist in fighting against me? In this scene, Neo is outnumbered by his opponent's hundreds of clones. Neo replied, " I Choose to do this. It is my Choice." It is no accident that Dan Brown wrote The Da Vinci Code. It is no accident you are reading this article. It is no accident you are on Planet Earth. You are here to Ascend! Kiara top Oneness In honor of Donna Koon A puzzle with a thousand pieces offers the challenge of discovering how each unique piece fits in the over-all design. Shapes and colors blend the image into a work of art. No piece is more important than the other because each holds a special place in the final completion of wholeness. I have been working with geometric Circle Puzzles. They are unusual because about fourteen pieces have 50 of the same shape. This makes it a challenge to find the right piece. You have to SEE a lot more than the shape. I chose to use the Puzzle as a metaphor for ONENESS because our world is composed of trillions of Beings designed to contribute to the over-all beauty of artistry and skill that is woven into the fabric of Life. If one piece of the puzzle is missing, it leaves the work of art incomplete. If one thread of the fabric is broken, it leaves the blanket weak and ineffective. Wholeness exists in the over-all design, a masterpiece of perfection. Thus Oneness is the totality of all that is and of all that will ever be. It is the glorification of every song sung, every statue created and every thought from the beginning of time sent forth into the Universe. It is the dance of life dreamed into reality. It is the dream finalized in the drama of pure poetry. It is the symphony of the angels and mankind joined together in a bond of everlasting Peace and Joy. In Oneness all the parts are essential. There is only That which Is, nothing less, nothing more. Kiara top Mel Gibson's "The Passion of Christ" The movie, The Passion of Christ , has created world attention. It has provoked all kinds of reactions: anger, guilt, denial, love, forgiveness and acceptance. I appreciate Simon's critiques of the movies. I am aware that he is interested in bringing spiritual movies that offer wholesome themes that will inspire and help awaken humanity. In his critique of the Passion of Christ his over-all analysis was definitely thumbs down. There were many people who did not approve of the movie, and there were those who were deeply touched by the experience. A friend told me that she asked a woman if she liked the movie as she left the theatre. The woman responded, “I am unable to talk about it now. It was life-changing for me.” In the Passion conference call, Simon stated that 25% approved of the movie and 75% did not. This did not surprise me. What did astound me was what Ed Townley, Minister at Unity in Chicago said. “It's also the work of a bitter, angry alcoholic/addict who may have stopped drinking/using, but who hasn't even remotely begun the process of love and self-forgiveness that true recovery demands. But then all of Gibson's films have been angry and judgmental with good guys suffering needlessly at the hands of unmitigated evil. My hope and constant affirmation is that the millions seeing this film will find themselves uncomfortable with the bitterness and anger and more open to seeing the ministry of Jesus from another perspective.” I personally feel that there were some who left the movie feeling a greater love for Jesus. There are always different perspectives. If we apply Jesus' teachings we move into a place of compassion, not condemnation. The movie is not easy to watch because it brings up emotions such as expressed by Ed Townley in his description of Mel Gibson. I believe the movie allows us to observe cruelty, judgment, anger, greed, denial, resentment, jealousy and pride. It is my belief that it is NEVER about anyone or anything else. It is always about us. This offers us the opportunity to own the feelings that emerge within us. We can not be angry unless we have anger within us. When I read what Ed Townley said to his parishioners, I was amazed. If Mel Gibson is a recovering alcoholic/user I say more power to him. I do not think Jesus would condemn him for that. Jesus taught forgiveness and love, not judgment and blame. When he drew a circle on the ground and asked, “Who wishes to cast the first stone?” All of the Pharisees walked away. I find no fault in approval or disapproval of the movie. I do pose the thought that it might be very enlightening to observe how we felt. Then perhaps we can look at ourselves and discover why we felt the way we did instead of objectifying our anger and blaming the artist and his product. I commend Mel Gibson for his work of art which was the truth displayed in raw form. Thumbs up for Mel Gibson for sharing with the world the pain inflicted by mankind upon Jesus who came to teach Love and Forgiveness. I am speaking now of the new paradigm, the place of love and compassion. I wrote a poem ten years ago called "Take Me Down From the Cross". This does not deny history or the fact that the crucifixion took place. It is focused on the teachings that I feel Jesus came to share with us: Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Integrity, Empowerment and Humility. Take Me Down From The Cross In the darkness of the night. In the Light of each new day, In the silence of my heart, I heard Jesus say: “Take me down from the Cross.” Jesus, I hear You. Your thoughts reverberate in my heart. Your words, Your voice, Pure Golden Liquid Light The Crimson Wine of Life, Your Golden breath calls out: “Lift the Crown of Thorns from My head. Remove the nails from My hands and My feet. Take Me down from the Cross.” “I walked upon the Earth as Man and God. I brought the message of Love and the power of Truth. Now I Am the Cosmic/World teacher. I am the Christ calling out to all mankind.” “Let go of your man-made systems That bind Me to centuries of limitation, Created by Guilt and Fear. Acknowledge your Power, And the structures of illusion will crumble into nothingness!” “When you say, ‘I Am God” and believe it, You free Me. When you free Me, You free yourself. As the Earth evolves into Christ Consciousness, Recognize that Love and Truth are One. Take Me Down from the Cross.” Kiara top
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